Our Mission

We are committed to developing competitive youth cycling
athletes that will race bikes around the USA and the World For FREE.
Our teens need more support.

More than good cyclists, we are trying to grow good people.

Our mission is to provide teenagers in Montana an opportunity to participate in a competitive activity that motivates them to belong to something fundamental, while simultaneously helping participants to stay in school and continue with their studies. Cycling is a sport that is very expensive and hard to practice because of the lack of money, experience, and knowledge. Giving teens the chance to work with experienced riders and participate in organized events with the goal of riding bikes in a competitive environment, will provide them with the opportunity to belong to something special. Montana Cycling LAB can provide the experience, training, and mentoring that will be vital through the growing years by teaching how to race bikes. Teaching them competitive cycling will involve discipline, developing skills in mathematics, health, nutrition, and understanding the science of cycling.

Future programs of the organization will include adults. The goal will be to give adults the opportunity to develop the skill set to race bikes in local and world‐class events. These adults will learn how to maintain and take care of themselves and bikes. These skills will be a conduit to equipping these adults with the skills to better take care of their family and involve family members in a lifelong sport. Part of the program will be to require adults to give back to their community in ways to improve the lives of others.

To reach these goals, Montana Cycling LAB will raise money and collect in-kind donations (e.g., bicycles/gear) through individual, business donations, grants, and sponsorships for events. No fees will be charged to any youth or individual that joins the Montana Cycling LAB competitive cycling program. All materials like bikes, gear and learning applications will be free to youth members.

Our teens dreamed of cycling glory.

Montana Cycling // LAB will provide racing bikes, gear, nutrition, and training For FREE.